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By Jacky Green

Burghley Dressage

31-August-2018 9:42
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Supergroom Jess Wilson took the horses, NZB Campino ( Kinky) and Kiltubrid Rhapsody ( Raps), up to Burghley on Tuesday and Mark left on Wednesday in what was deemed to be good time for the trot up.

Best laid plans and all that.. numerous roadworks meant that fellow Kiwi Tim Price jogged up Kinky while Mark made it in the nick of time to run up Raps.  It looked like a moment of light entertainment in the images that Libby Law captured!

An early Thursday start for Mark and Kinky and they entered the arena which appeared picture perfect in the late summer sunshine looking like the assured partnership that they are. It looked like one of Kinky's best tests as he stayed soft and maintained a super rhythm throughout and it was very frustrating for Mark to have a pilot error and forget a movement! To be fair to everyone we have practised the 4 star B rest endlessly in preparation for WEG and the 4 star A has not had so much attention!

Raps goes late Friday afternoon and then it wil be all systems go for the challenge of Captain Mark Phillips true 4 star cross country test.

You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.