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By Jacky Green

Arville ERM SJ and XC

25-June-2018 12:06
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by Admin

After NZB Campino ( Kinky) had done such a nice test it was onwards to the jumping phases on Saturday morning.  While we in the UK enjoyed a beautiful summers day it looked distictly cool in Belgium!

The 8 faults that Kinky picked up in the showjumping was a shame but, having not been out since Pau 4 star last autumn, was more a case of knocking the rust off than any thing else!  It was exactly the same cross contry, Kinky made all the tough combinations look relatively easy and then simply didnt lock onto a the B element of two roll tops.

So not really Mark's weekend but there are eplenty more competitions coming up in July with the high profile ones like Aachen and the Hickstead Eventers Derby being among the highlights.

You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.