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By Jacky Green

Belton International 13-15th April

17-April-2018 9:03
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Great to have a start on remarkably good ground at Belton and congrats to the team there that ran so many horses so efficiently.  Mark took his Badminton bound horses, Kiltubrid Rhapsody ( Raps) and Leonidas ( Leo) for the Grantham Cup and the advanced and #superpony McClaren for the OI.

All the horses ran well and they enjoyed getting out in the sunshine.  It really did feel like spring on Saturday!  Sunday was not so nice but we didnt get wet all weekend and that in itself is a revelation after the winter we have had!

Raps showing his scope in the showjumping:

Raps SJ Belton


And a very smart dressage test too:


Raps dressage


You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.