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By Jacky Green


16-September-2018 17:28
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After the heat and humidity of the past week cross country day dawned misty and much cooler.  It was still warm but without the sun it made it a much more comfortable day for the horses to go cross country.

A three star track with four star horses shpuld have made for boring viewing but there was still plenty of action.  The water cascading down the banks caused several horses to spook and the ever alert Mc Claren was another to do so as he went past them which contributed to his green 20 at the arrowhead.  To be fair to Mac he is still learning his trade and there was allot going on today!

He finished well and negotiated all the other fences with is usual flamboyant style and Mark was pretty happy with the #Superpony. It was annoying to carry the 20 when the team was down to three members but Mac showed his class yet again... novice to World Championships in 18 months is a pretty amazing way to go!

Since Hurricane Florence has yet to make an apperarance it is slightly annoying that the powers that be have cancelled all competition tomorrow which means that the Kur is totally abandoned for the pure dressage and the eventers have to wait until Monday to show jump.  That gives us an extra day so it was fun to go out and sample the local food last night ....none of us actually ate the frogs legs though!

You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.