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By Jacky Green

WEG Dressage

14-September-2018 1:08
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Mark and McClaren ( Mac) are running number 2 in the team so they did their dressage in the afternoon.  Sunny, hot and very humid here to day and still no sign of Hurricane Florence which is a bonus!

Mac was pretty impressed with his first championship crowd who were enthusiastic about seeing Sir Mark Todd in America and they did a super test considering that he is still green at this level.  He stayed with Mark the whole way and it was just the changes which showed that he is a bit behind the other horses in his training.

Mark was delighted with him and he sure is happy to be on the jumping machine that Mac is for the rest of the week!  We still have no real idea of how much we will be affected by the impending Florence but I guess we will know by the weekend...


You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.