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By Jacky Green

Chatsworth ERM

14-May-2018 11:20
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by Admin

The first leg of the Event Rider Masters for 2018 kicked off with the the stunning venue of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. It really is a privalege to event in a Park like Chatsworth with the grounds laid out by Capability Brown and the house itsself providing a magnificent backdrop.

McClaren ( Mac) really enjoed his first visit here and dealth with the huge atmosphere in the dressage really well.  The crowds are very close to the arena here and there is allot of movement which can be unsettling but Mac is so arragant he probably thinks that all the people are there for him anyway!  He is still consolidating everything he has learnt in the last year so a mark of 32 was a little off the pace but its amazing to think this time last year he had not even done a 2 star!

The showjuming on Sunday was right up Mark and Mac's street being up to height and technical.  Mac was so good he picked up 4 time faults for spending so much time in the air!  He loved the cross country and sped around it to finish inside the top 15 and he looked more than ready for his next challenge which will be Saumur in France in a couple of weeks.


You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.