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By Jacky Green

WEG: First look at xc and jog

12-September-2018 23:27
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All the NZ horses looked spectacular and flew through the jog which was held in brilliant sunshine after a spell of torrential rain which our guys got caught in when they were walking the cross country.  Its like living in Northern Queensland... hot, a rainstorm and then hot again which explains why everything is so green!

Mark and McClaren ( Mac) looked like quite the duo when they jogged and Mac looked particularly pleased to be in a Championship enviroment as he worked his moves down the jog strip in frint of a big crowd of accredited peeps.  The jog strip was interesting as it had been moved several times and ended up on a camber with a dead end stop which horses dont actually like trotting towards...but Mac handled it all in his stride and looked every inch the superpony that he is.

Jane Thompson has done a great job of photographing the track so click on the link below to get a feel of WEG 2018.



You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.