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By Jacky Green

Settling in at Tryon for WEG

08-September-2018 23:52
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by Admin

Hot hot hot here in Tryon and riders and horses were reunited this morning and went for a hack.  Hack is a bit of an exageration as it is quite the building site still and apart from the gallop track there is not really any hacking to be had!  There is also no hand grazing which will be a bit of a shock for our eventers but the arenas look great and it is clearly still a work in progress.

The travelling grooms and our amazing vet, Christiana Ober, who flew with the horses, have done a superb job and the horses all look great. McClaren ( Mac) is on particularly good form and since the stabling is really good, is very bright and happy!

Weather reports are talking about a hurricane on the way so that will certainly be a new experience for us all if we compete through that!


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