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By Jacky Green

Barbury Castle CIC 2 star & CIC 3 ERM

07-July-2018 8:10
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Another simply glorious weekend in store at Barbury Castle where the backdrop of the rolling Marlborough Downs provides a spectacular setting for dressage with the cross country course zig zagging across the hill behind.

McClaren ( Mac) did his dressage yesterday to score 30 penalties (70%) with both his jumping phases to come on Saturday.  Mac is having an "easy" with a run at 2 star to give him a bit of fun before he heads out to France for the ERM CIC 3 star in Jardy.

NZB Campino is in the ERM class at Barbury so its the usual ERM format for him with dressage on Saturday and the jumping phases on Sunday which will all be live streamed on ERM TV.

You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.