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By Jacky Green

Badminton Thursday Dressage.

04-May-2018 9:07
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by Admin

Yet again the sun blessed us with its presence and maybe it was that which semed to draw bigger corowds to the drssage than we normally see on a Thursday morning.  Or perhaps its the slightly later start due to the reduced field... whatever the reason, it seemed the perfect ammount of atmosphere for Leonidas who was on his best behaviour and Mark left the arena with a smile on his face!

A 27.9 is good enough for 11th place and, more importantly, just 4 points off the lead. The ground is drying up by the minute but it is still tacky in plenty of places and at nearly 12 minutes it is still going to b a stamina test and that is right up Leo's street!

Kiltubrid Rhapsody gets the late Friday afternoon slot tomorrow and he is a pretty laid back fella so no doubt that will be to his advantage. Lets hope the sun keeps on shining!

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