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By Jacky Green

Heelsdown Magazine, Janaury 2018

02-January-2018 10:27
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Heelsdown Magazine

Heelsdown is an online digital magazine for i pads and tablets as well as mobile phones and is one of the growing range of on line 'magazines" which look set to preplace the traditional glossies.  Most of the big names like Horse and Hound ( where Mark writes a regular column) have an online version that runs hand in hand with the weekly hard copy so it is increasinglt becomng more likely to be able to view articles all at the touch of a button.  Click on the link below to take you to the magazine site.

This article sees Mark describe the vision behind the ERM series and his hopes for the way the future of the sport wil develop.  As always with Mark, its all about looking forward while relishing the stories that make up the past.

You can find out more about what Mark is up to on his Facebook page.